Dr. Craig Beasley

craig-smallDr. Beasley is the former Chief Geophysicist and Schlumberger fellow at WesternGeco. Dr. Beasley earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Houston, a master’s degree from Emory University in Georgia, and a PhD from the University of North Texas, all in mathematics. He holds 19 US patents and has presented papers and published widely on a variety of seismic topics, ranging from prestack imaging, migration, data acquisition, and the connections between acquisition, processing, and imaging. He pioneered simultaneous source technology and has recently worked in broadband seismic techniques.

Dr. Beasley has received technical and honorary awards from entities such as Litton Industries, Schlumberger, and the SEG, including the SEG Award for Best Presentation. He has twice received honorable mention for best paper in geophysics. He is an honorary member of SEG and the Geophysical Society of Houston. He served as the 2001–2002 SEG 1st vice president and as the 2004–2005 president of the SEG. He served as the fall 2009 SEG Distinguished Lecturer as well as the Esso Australia Distinguished Lecturer and now as 2014 EAGE Distinguished Lecturer. He was the founding chair of the SEG Foundation Committee for Geoscientists Without Borders.

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