Z-Terra provides software and services for the upstream oil and gas industry. Our software helps oil and gas companies visualize 3-D earth structures and reduce the drilling risk associated with oil and gas exploration from ever more challenging plays. Our vision is to develop the fastest depth processing system in the industry and reduce turnaround time on large seismic projects from 6-8 months to 1 month.

We believe in challenging the industry status quo in everything we do. We make our software faster, simpler to use, and more user-friendly than anyone else’s in the industry.

Core Technology

Z-Terra develops a suite of interactive depth imaging and velocity model building software products designed to be the fastest and most accurate depth imaging solutions. Our processing system is based on a combination of Smart Migrations™ (ultra-fast imaging algorithms that allow for very fast imaging iterations — on the order of minutes for imaging thousands of square kilometers) and very fast migration velocity analysis tools (including wide-azimuth tomography) within an optimally designed workflow.
One member of the Smart Migrations™ family is the Fast Beam Migration, a super-efficient algorithm that is on average 100 times faster than the industry standard Kirchhoff depth migration.

The Wide Azimuth Tomography using Extended Gathers is a novel innovation in the field of migration velocity analysis. All the imaging and tomographic updates are instrumented to handle VTI and TTI anisotropy.

Experienced Team

The award winning Z-Terra development team is experienced in both developing and delivering complex imaging solutions. The team has been involved in pioneering, innovating, developing and using many high-resolution software solutions including 3-D prestack time and depth Kirchhoff migration, 3-D prestack variable azimuth and common azimuth wave-equation migration, wave-equation migration velocity analysis using offset and angle gathers, shot profile wave equation migration, azimuth moveout, wave-equation reverse time migration, wave-field and wave-path tomography. We are also experienced users, we have processed many large seismic surveys from all the major sedimentary basins in the world.