Depth Imaging

Depth imaging is the main seismic imaging tool in complex geologic areas where large lateral velocity variations, salt bodies, folded sedimentary layers, or faulted structures are present. The presence of complex geological structures renders most time processing assumptions invalid and time processing results inaccurate. A careful application of 3-D prestack depth imaging accurately delineates geological structures and improves oil-and-gas reservoir characterization. Accurate depth imaging also improves the risk assessment, helps operators improve drilling success rates, and decreases the costs of exploratory drilling and failed secondary recovery injection projects.

Z-Terra’s high-quality depth imaging has four main components:

  • State-of-the-art imaging algorithms
  • Accurate and fast anisotropic velocity model analysis and velocity model building software
  • Multidimensional multivolume data analysis and visualization
  • Fast and accurate simulation and data modeling algorithms