Migration Velocity Analysis Tools

Z-Terra offers state-of-the-art depth imaging and complex velocity model building solutions. Velocity model building is an essential component for accurate depth imaging. Z-Terra has a wide range of velocity model building algorithms and workflows that provide high resolution depth anisotropic velocity models:

  • Vertical and normal ray updates
  • Deregowski loop updates
  • Wide azimuth tomography using offset gathers produced by Kirchhoff or Fast Beam Migration (FBM)
  • Angle gathers produced by wave-equation migration
  • Angle gathers produced by Kirchhoff or FBM
  • Extended gathers produced by Kirchhoff, Fast Beam, or wave-equation migration
  • Residual moveout gather-flattening and gather-fitting techniques

The algorithms work with any acquisition geometry for land, marine, or OBC data. The processing and visualization software is designed for rapid and accurate quality control and turnaround of velocity building iterations.

  • 64-bit, for x64-86 architecture processors (also known as x64, x64_86, AMD64, EMT64T, Intel 64)
  • Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® (or compatible) 4.8 and above, 5.3 and above, 6.0 and above