Software Engineer

Location: Houston,TX

A Software Engineer at Z-Terra develops and tests algorithms and maintains software environments. They work under the supervision of senior personnel and gain responsibilities commensurate with background and abilities.

Requisite skills:

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills for client interaction;
  • An ability to work both independently and in teams;
  • The capacity to develop leadership skills (as the position will evolve to include supervision of support staff);
  • An ability to write software in C, Java, and Fortran;
  • Familiarity with other programming or scripting languages.

Responsibilities include:

  • Instructing other Z-Terra staff members and clients on the use of Z-Terra products and on related geophysical concepts. Such training may constitute lectures, presentations, one-on-one instruction, and demonstrations.
  • Traveling to client sites to install software and train clients, render assistance, or promote Z-Terra software and services.


  • Minimum qualifications for the position include a B.S. in Computer Science or a closely related field.
  • Working knowledge of seismic processing and imaging methods with in-depth programming experience writing data processing and graphical algorithms.
  • Computer skills should include experience programming in C, Fortran, and Java on Unix based workstations. An understanding of parallel computer architecture, data object oriented design, graphics user interface design, and modern software development tools is essential.

How to Apply
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