Advances in Land Seismic Data Processing: Continuing the Conversation – June 28-30, 2022

Z-Terra’s CEO and Chairman Mihai Popovici is one of the organizers of the “Advances in Land Seismic Data Processing: Continuing the Conversation” workshop on June 28-30, 2022 in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.  The event overview is below:

Following the successful land processing workshop held in 2018 in Kuwait, this upcoming meeting aims to share updated practices and new advancements in land seismic data processing, both in terms of maximizing the value of legacy data and promoting advances in data acquisition technologies such as increased number of channels, novel source technologies, full azimuth, long offset, broadband, and nodal systems. Current issues affecting onshore seismic data, processing workflows, and existing limitations will be discussed. The technologies that utilize entire wave-field are of particular interest.

Use of passive seismic and non-seismic data to enhance and complement land seismic data processing for imaging and sub-surface monitoring is certainly a related area of interest. Due to the increase in data volumes recorded on land, another relevant topic for the workshop is the use of Machine Learning (ML) in QC of very large data sets and in processing workflow to enhance quality and efficiency in order to expedite decision-making.

Geoscientists with varying backgrounds will have the opportunity to exchange ideas, share their experiences, network with their colleagues, and learn new techniques. The workshop will cover associated theories and applications as well as case studies on land data. This will highlight ways in which we can maximize information and value from seismic data.

You can find more details and register on the SEG website:

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