Z-Terra Newsletter – October 2020


Dear Friends of Z-Terra:

In our quarterly Newsletter we want to keep you updated with what is happening at Z-Terra, new software features and products, new business projects, technology updates, people, and news.

Z-Terra Expands

Last year in December Z-Terra acquired the Processing Division of Divestco, a Calgary based company.  Divestco bought in 2006 the Processing Division business of Geo-X Systems, (see press release here) and Z-Terra acquired the same group in 2019 (see press release here).  We are in the process of modernizing the infrastructure of the DXPro Geo-X time processing system.  The plan is to offer a complete time processing system license with unlimited CPUs for $20,000.  We will keep you posted.

Depth Imaging System

Z-Terra developed and licenses a complete Depth Imaging System, that includes over 200 imaging and model building utilities. The Depth Imaging System was designed to allow very rapid turnaround of 2D and 3D projects. Some of the main modules in our system include:

  • ZTK Kirchhoff PSTM and PSDM. Anisotropic VTI, TTI and Orthorhombic Traveltimes. OVT gathers. CRAM gathers.
  • ZTK-DI Diffraction Imaging in Kirchhoff time and depth. Specularity (angle or angle and offset) and Azimuth Gathers.
  • ZRTM Two Way Reverse Time Wave Equation Migration.
  • ZFBM Gaussian Beam and Fast Beam Migration.
  • Z5D 5-D Interpolation using Azimuth Move Out (AMO).
  • ZSM Wave Equation Multiples Imaging Migration.
  • ZFA Spectral Decomposition and Super Resolution Thin Layers Inversion.
  • ZTomo Grid based tomography constrained by horizons. Anisotropic updates.
  • ZTomo-360 Wide azimuth tomography using Extended Gathers.
  • ZBT Beam Tomography. High Resolution Tomography using Beam Migration.
  • ZESTANI Anisotropic Velocity Model Building starting from well logs.
  • ZMod Acoustic Modeling, Wave-Equation Illumination.
  • ZFWI Full Waveform Inversion in Data Domain.
  • ZEOS Visualization and Velocity Model Building.

 Processing Services

Z-Terra provides Time and Depth Processing services using our proprietary software. Our staff has worldwide experience processing thousands of seismic datasets from major sedimentary basins around the world, in land, transition zones, shallow and deep water marine areas, including Gulf of Mexico, onshore U.S., offshore and onshore Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Canada, West Africa, Australia, North Sea, European Carpathian overthrust, Middle East onshore and offshore, SE Asia, China, onshore and offshore Europe, and all the major U.S. shale plays including the Eagle Ford, Permian, Barnett, Bakken, and Woodford.

Z-Terra’s advanced imaging software (Kirchhoff PSTM/PSDM, Diffraction Imaging, Gaussian and Fast Beam Migration, Wave-Equation Migrations: Shot Profile Migration, Reverse Time Migration, 6-D Interpolation, and an Advanced Velocity Model Building portfolio including standard Tomography, 360° Tomography using Extended Gathers, Beam Tomography, FWI, Modeling and Illumination, Anisotropic Model Building) creates high resolution images of the earth’s subsurface, revealing complex structural and stratigraphic detail.

In 2020 Z-Terra has completed over 50 processing and reprocessing projects for clients worldwide. Let us show you what we can do for your project. Give us a call or send us an e-mail and we will provide you with an overview of our software and processing services.


Alexander Mihai Popovici, CEO
Cell: 650 219 5398

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