Diffraction Imaging – The Curmudgeon’s Column

In the last post, I explained the title of the column comes from the book by Charles Murray The Curmudgeon’s Guide to Getting Ahead. With the Curmudgeon in mind, I have a few more comments to make about our life as Researchers, pushing the leading edge of technology in our industries. In small companies it helps to be a contrarian, to develop novel algorithms in areas overlooked by large research groups or the academic groups funded by them. One such technology that our group started working on a few years ago, nudged by the research group at Saudi Aramco, is Diffraction Imaging (DI). Aramco was looking for a company with a good quality commercial Kichhoff migration, since this particular DI implementation involves modifying a Kirchhoff kernel.

Diffraction Imaging is a high-resolution imaging technology designed to image and identify in very fine detail the small scale fractures in shale and carbonate reservoirs that form areas of increased natural fracture density.

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